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Laser treatment

Laser treatment
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Laser treatment

The price of this service is adjusted depending on the operating time of the Laser machine.

This price starts from 60 € per hour (with a minimum charge of 20 €) regardless of whether the machine performs cutting, or engraving, or both together.

Of course, the material we process plays a big role in the final cost. Another time for example is needed when we want to cut a 3mm thick plexiglass and another time (more) when we want to cut a 6mm thick plexiglass.

To get a complete picture of the cost, contact us and send us the file you want to process and after "simulation" of production we will inform you about the exact cost of the work.

Of course the price mentioned as a basis decreases in relation to the total volume of work as well as the regular repetition of work by you

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